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Vercel is the optimal workflow for frontend teams.

All-in-one: Static and Jamstack deployment, Serverless Functions, and Global CDN.

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Vthechamp22 commented Jan 23, 2022

What is the improvement or update you wish to see?

I would like to clarify the API documentation for the return value of getServerSideProps.

Is there any context that might help us understand?

I was implementing user authentication on my website, and I was trying to restrict access to the login and signup pages if the user is logged in. To do so, I am implementing this `getServerSideP

andrewshrout commented Dec 10, 2020

Feature request

The account details page is set up to imply that you can update your account. Entry forms and buttons that actually update these things in the database would be nice.

Describe the solution you'd like

An example of updating the name (so I can implement the email update), or full implementation by default.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Currently goin