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tinovyatkin commented Jun 12, 2020

node-fetch currently completely ignoring Content-Length header while consuming response.
Fetch specification about handling Content-Length on server response says almost nothing: (see whatwg/fetch#67)

On other hand, we have a fetch-node specific extension to limit the size of the response.

My prop

maxwellhadley commented Jul 5, 2018
  • SerialPort Version: 6.2.0

  • NodeJS Version: N/A

  • Operating System and Hardware Platform: N/A

  • Have you checked the right version of the api docs?: N/A

  • Are you having trouble installing and you checked the Installation Special Cases docs? N/A

  • Are you using Electron and have you checked the Electron Docs?: N/A

I have a device which is only intermit

azu commented Oct 12, 2019

新しくセクションを追加してPromise.allSettledについて解説を入れる。 の後あたり。

Type: Feature good first issue Status: Proposal ECMAScript: ES2020

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