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jimthompson5802 commented May 15, 2022

What happened + What you expected to happen

The shim tune.create_scheduler() does not properly parse the keyword parameters passed in a dictionary for the pb2 scheduler. For this call

pb2_parm_dict = {"time_attr": "time_total_s", "metric": "metric_score", "mode": "min",
                 "hyperparam_bounds": {"param1": [0, 1]}}

pb2_scheduler = create_scheduler("pb2", **pb2_pa
bug good first issue tune P2
jameslamb commented Jan 27, 2021


mypy shows some issues in LightGBM's Python package.

mypy \
    --exclude='python-package/compile/|python-package/build' \
    --ignore-missing-imports \
18 errors in 4 files (click me)
python-package/lightgbm/ error: Name 'Series' already defined (possibly by an import)
not522 commented May 13, 2022

Expected behavior

GridSampler should stop the optimization when all grids are evaluated.


  • Optuna version:
  • Python version: 3.8.6
  • OS: macOS-10.16-x86_64-i386-64bit
  • (Optional) Other libraries and their versions:

Error messages, stack traces, or logs

See steps to reproduce.

Steps to reproduce

In the following code, optimize s

bug contribution-welcome good first issue
mikegray commented Jun 13, 2019

Version of Singularity:


Expected behavior

Some progress or update information during the creation of the SIF file.

Actual behavior

During "Creating SIF file..." step, the console does not produce any visible output for the user - but does create the resulting file eventually.

Steps to reproduce behavior

I was executing a few “larger” builds through the bui

Enhancement ImageBuilding good first issue
vladtkachuk commented Nov 11, 2021
  • I have searched issues for similar feature requests

What is this feature about (1 sentence)

Base path should be runtime configurable via the env variable.

Why is it needed? What is the value? For whom do we build it?

If one wants to expose the dashboard not on the domain root but let's say at the dashboard will try to load the r

good first issue stale
eguiraud commented Mar 3, 2022

Current behavior:

root [0] TFile f("root://")
Error in <TFile::TFile>: file /eos/root-eos/benchmark/Run2012B_SingleMu.root does not exist
(TFile &) Name: /eos/root-eos/benchmark/Run2012B_SingleMu.root Title:

Desirable behavior:

root [0] TFile f("root://

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