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JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight interpreted or JIT-compiled programming language with first-class functions. While it is most well-known as the scripting language for Web pages, many non-browser environments also use it, such as Node.js, Apache CouchDB and Adobe Acrobat. JavaScript is a prototype-based, multi-paradigm, dynamic language, supporting object-oriented, imperative, and declarative (e.g. functional programming) styles.

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Bartel-C8 commented May 9, 2022

Website or app

Repro steps

Use latest React DevTools with Electron (Chromium) (18.2.0 / Chromium 100)

  (node:80082) ExtensionLoadWarning: Warnings loading extension at ./node_modules/electron-devtools-vendor/extensions/react-developer-tools:
    Manifest version 2 is deprecated, and support will be removed in 2023. See https://
thavus commented May 15, 2022

Which @angular/* package(s) are the source of the bug?


Is this a regression?



The Documentation suggests that you can supply a function to runGuardsAndResolvers . The link will take you to the documentation where it gives the type.

So I supplied the following and saw that not only was my route guard s

comp: docs comp: router good first issue P4
ANTARES-KOR commented Mar 31, 2022


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Summary 💡

Emotion-js added a new feature 'insertionPoint' to createCache in this pull request and marked previous 'prepend' option as deprecated.

But Mui's next.js example uses prepend. [You can find It he

enhancement good first issue
evont commented May 9, 2022

Describe the bug
The validateArgs method in lib/router/src/utils.ts is using VALIDATION_REGEXP, NUMBER_REGEXP, HEX_REGEXP or COLOR_REGEXP pattern to determine whether the string value is validated or not, but any string which not match those pattern (like something with + prefix or some character that is not in Alphabet) will not be validated and be dropped in future actions.

A bundler for javascript and friends. Packs many modules into a few bundled assets. Code Splitting allows for loading parts of the application on demand. Through "loaders", modules can be CommonJs, AMD, ES6 modules, CSS, Images, JSON, Coffeescript, LESS, ... and your custom stuff.

  • Updated May 20, 2022
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