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Madoshakalaka commented Nov 25, 2021

This is about:

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Component communication might deserve a dedicated page.

Ancestor -> Descendant

straightforward: passing props. Using a context if the descendants can be too deep down the tree.

Descedant -> Ancestor

This is not very obvious. In fact, two people asked the same question on Discord in one day. And personally, I had no clue either despite h

alestiago commented Feb 1, 2022

The sidebar toggle (hamburger menu) has too much width on desktop devices and overlaps with the actual menu. This causes the user to accidentally collapse the menu when wishing to navigate to a new section.

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Go to the
  2. Click on the last visible menu item next to the sidebar toggle "icon".
bug good first issue documentation
ghost commented Jun 12, 2018

In the following file we have already ported some tests from Go to Rust:

The idea is to blindly port all the tests for Go channels line by line, which will give us additional confidence in the correctness of crossbeam-channel.

In the test file, you can find stubs with links to the original tests written in Go and

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