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njsmith commented Apr 13, 2021

This is the core part of the loop that our worker threads currently run:

You can see that we currently explicitly del fn and del deliver. That's because these are two arbitrary user objects, and if we didn't delete them, then they would stick around until the worker threa

taiki-e commented Feb 5, 2021

Most of async-std's stream utilities were written before Stream::size_hint was released and do not implement Stream::size_hint method. This means that async-std's stream utilities may be a bit inefficient than other crates such as futures, tokio-stream, futures-lite, which provide similar utilities.

related: rust-lang/futures-rs#1853,

mfvargo commented Jan 22, 2021

We had an issue where an api user was using the incorrect parameters on an API call. Having this feature would have made the API fail instead of proceeding. The bug would been found earlier.

I can see where this would be a hassle on many cases, But it would be nice for new projects.

I suppose it could be a global config item that could be overridden at the individual action level:


This is a basic API REST skeleton written on JavaScript using async/await. Great for building a starter web API for your front-end (Android, iOS, Vue, react, angular, or anything that can consume an API). Demo of frontend in VueJS here:

  • Updated Mar 30, 2021
  • JavaScript

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