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Build a game this November!

Game Off

Game Off is our annual month-long game jam where participants create games using their favorite game engines, libraries, and programming languages. Newbies, professional game developers, and everyone in between are welcome to join. It’s a great excuse to learn a new technology, collaborate on something over the weekends with friends, or create a game by yourself for the first time! Join now!

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SQL is a standard language for storing, retrieving and manipulating data in databases.

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GitHub South Africa Community Event

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GitHub South Africa Community Event

October 29, 2021 • Online

Join us for the new community-led South Africa meetup. The first of its kind meetup is one not to miss, bringing together key industry techies from FinTech to HealthTech, who will impart both knowledge and industry in the fast paced tech industry.

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Imgbot is a friendly robot that optimizes your images and saves you time. Optimized images mean smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality.

Shortly after installing Imgbot, you will receive a pull request with all of your images optimized. Just merge the pull request and you’re done! As you work on your project, Imgbot works alongside you to keep your images optimized.

Imgbot uses lossless compression by default.

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t-bzhan commented Sep 10, 2020

We get NullReferenceException when running dotnet new related commands in Ubuntu, the error message is like:

dotnet -d new console
Telemetry is: Enabled
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Microsoft.DotNet.Cli.Utils.Muxer..ctor()
at Microsoft.DotNet.Tools.New.NewCommandShim.CreateHost()
at Microsoft.DotNet.Tools.New.

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secretshardul commented Oct 22, 2021


Programs deployed with solana deploy use the old loader are not upgradable. The docs recommend using solana program deploy for upgradability but this command is not as intuitive. solana deploy shows up first when solana --help is run.

Proposed Solution

Rename solana deploy to solana deploy-deprecated

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Create a website or edit the one you have and host it on Github pages.

Hosting is free, without ads, and super fast. The editor is simple and optimized for mobile phones.

Note: static websites are very fast ! Stastic editor plugs into Jekyll websites, wich are natively supported by Github pages. Install Stastic, then add /admin to the website URL to enter the editor.